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Version: 2.1.0 (latest)


Image API consists of services available via REST API.


Service NameFunctions
gatewayThe service is responsible for getting access to Image API and interacting with the processing services listed below.
body-detectorThe service is designed to detect bodies in an image. The detection result is the coordinates of the bounding box (bbox) around the detected body.
face-detector-face-fitterThe service is used to determine face landmarks and the head rotation angles. The returned result is a set of 21 anthropometric points and the values of head rotation angles (yaw, pitch, roll).
emotion-estimatorThe service estimates emotions from a face image. The result is the degree of manifestation of each estimated emotion.
age-estimatorThe service estimates a person’s age from a face image. The estimation result is the numerical value of the person's age.
gender-estimatorThe service is used to determine a person’s gender from a face image.
face-detector-liveness-estimatorThe service is used to detect if a person in an image is real or fake. The result is a Real/Fake verdict with a numerical value of confidence.
mask-estimatorThe service detects if a person in an image is wearing a medical mask. The result is a True/False verdict with a numerical value of confidence.
quality-assessment-estimatorThe service is designed to estimate the quality of a face image. The result is a list of detected faces with a detailed image quality analysis.
verify-matcherThe service compares two face images to determine if they belong to the same person.
face-detector-template-extractorThe service is designed to extract a biometric template from a face image.
template-extractorThe service is designed for building biometric templates. The result is a biometric template for all detected persons.
liveness-estimatorThe service is designed to calculate liveness. The result is a liveness verdict for all detected persons.