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Version: 1.14.1


OMNI Platform (On-Prem) is a facial recognition client-server platform with web interface and GraphQL API for processing multiple real-time video streams. The platform deployed as on-premise solution detects and identifies faces in video streams, triggers real-time notifications and saves the event history.

Key Features

  • Creation and storage of people database with a face image, full name, activity history, gender, age and custom text fields
  • Segmentation of people database by watchlists
  • Face identification and verification using database and watchlists, estimation of face matching
  • Registration of identification and non-identification events on video streams with submission via websocket, webhook or e-mail
  • Registration of human activity history detected on video streams and video files using OMNI Agent
  • Determination of age, gender, emotions and other facial attributes
  • Integration API and web interface
  • Deployment in your local environment with the ability to use an external database
  • Deployment in the Amazon EKS environment with autoscaling of machine resources