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Version: 1.14.2 (latest)

Face Recognition

OMNI Platform applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to recognize faces and estimate face attributes such as liveness, gender, age, emotions, mask presence and the others.

Key Features

  • Face identification (1:N matching) and face verification (1:1 matching) with the ability to search a face image in a watchlist of more than 100,000,000 face images in less than a second
  • Recognition of people wearing medical masks, hard hats, glasses and other accessories
  • Anonymous mode - the system doesn't store face images to ensure personal data protection
  • Estimation of liveness, gender, age, emotions, mask presence and other face attributes
  • Integrated liveness algorithm that protects against spoofing attacks with a photo or a video image instead of a real face

How to Use OMNI Platform for Face Recognition

Before you start, sign in to your OMNI Platform account. For a cloud version open Sign In page and enter your account credentials. If you have an on-premise version, follow URL of deployed server in your web browser and enter user email and password. As a result, you will be redirected to the home page of web interface.

Create a Profile/Profiles

First of all, create a single profile or multiple profiles for further recognition.


Create a Trigger

Then you need to create a trigger. In Trigger card you need to create a watchlist where your profile/profiles will be added to, and an endpoint where the notifications on detected profile/profiles will be sent to. After the watchlist and the endpoint are created, click Create button. Congratulations! The trigger with attached watchlist and endpoint is successfully created.

Add Profiles to a Watchlist

Now it's time to add previously created profile/profiles to your watchlist. Open Profiles page in web interface, put a tick in a checkbox next to profiles you need to add, click Add to watchlist button on the top and select the watchlist from the drop-down list.

As a result, when a person who has a profile added to the watchlist is detected by OMNI Platform Agent, you'll receive an instant notification on this event. All in-system notifications are available at Notifications page of web interface.