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BAF contains the following subsystems:

  • BAF portal
  • Image capture components
  • API
  • Facial recognition subsystem
  • Document recognition subsystem


Image Capture Components

The web component, integrated into customer apps, captures images and sends them to BAF portal.


API provides BAF interaction with external information systems of the customer.

BAF Portal

The subsystem accepts requests from a web component and API, generates a request log, routes requests to other subsystems, and provides BAF administrator interface for tracking and managing user activity (BAF Dashboard).

Facial Recognition Subsystem

The subsystem receives face images and performs the following operations:

  • Face detection
  • Determination of anthropometric points of the face
  • Calculation of head rotation angles
  • Extraction of biometric facial templates
  • Face matching
  • Liveness check

Document Recognition Subsystem

The subsystem receives images of documents, provides recognition and reading of data from the document surfaces.