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Version: 2.4.0 (latest)


Image API is a suite of software tools designed for detection of faces and silhouettes, face verification and estimation of facial attributes from images in jpg, png, bmp and base64.

Online Demo

To swiftly try out Image API, follow our interactive Online Demo.

Key features

Detection of faces and silhouettes in images

Estimation of age, gender and emotions

Determination of face landmarks and head rotation angles (yaw, pitch, roll)

Face mask detection

Liveness check

Image quality assessment (QAA)

Support for a standardized sample format for Face SDK, Image API, and OMNI Platform. This simplifies creation of cross-product requests and transfer of processing results from one product to another

Extraction of biometric templates and face verification

Flexible face detection configuration for the following use cases: safe city, remote selfie identification, cooperative and non-cooperative recognition in access control systems