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Version: 2.0.0


Image API is a suite of software tools designed for detection of faces and silhouettes, face verification and estimation of facial attributes from images in jpg, png, bmp and base64.

Key Features

  • Detection of faces and silhouettes in images
  • Estimation of age, gender and emotions, determination of face landmarks and head rotation angles (yaw, pitch, roll)
  • Face mask detection
  • Liveness check
  • Image quality assessment (QAA)
  • Extraction of biometric templates and face verification
  • Support for a standardized sample format for Face SDK, Image API, and OMNI Platform, making it easier to compose cross-product requests and seamlessly transfer processing results from one product to another
  • Flexible face detection configuration for the following use cases: safe city, remote selfie identification, cooperative and non-cooperative recognition in access control systems
Online Demo

To swiftly try out Image API, follow our interactive Online Demo.