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BAF (Biometric Anti-Fraud) is a technology stack for intelligent processing, analysis and recognition of images with an application scenario for remote human identification.

  • Applies AI and machine learning to recognize faces and determine such facial attributes as face liveness, image quality assessment, etc.

  • Designed for embedding in corporate and government remote customer services.

  • Implements cross-platform (iOS, Android, WEB) self-registration and authorization scenarios with anti-spoofing checks of the face image and checks for matching a selfie with a photo in the document.

  • Used for authorization or registration of users, BAF provides measures to detect forgery of persons and (optionally) documents.

  • Registration scenario uses remote facial liveness detection and identification (1:N) algorithm. Authorization scenario uses remote facial liveness detection and verification (1:1) algorithm.

Face and Document Checks

Depending on the subsystems selected and the use cases, the following checks are available:

Basic checks:

  • Comprehensive selfie liveness check
  • Comprehensive image quality check
  • Comprehensive check of user's environment change
  • Comprehensive blacklist check
  • Risk alerts

Additional (optional) checks:

  • Matching of a selfie face with a document face
  • Document check for forgery