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Version: 2.4.0 (latest)


The default port for running OMNI Agent web server is busy (Windows)

By default, OMNI Agent runs on port 8080. If this port is busy, the web server becomes unavailable.

Solution: follow the link

Memory leak after reading large database (Windows)

When reading a large database, the problem of high memory consumption may occur. The task manager does not indicate what memory is being used for.

Solution: Download RamMAP and clear Standby Lists (Empty → Empty Standby Lists).

OMNI Agent installer does not run on some Linux (Ubuntu) distributions

During installation, two error windows appear - one of them with a message about an unsuccessful authorization attempt. img.jpg

Solution: copy the command from the error window to a terminal, run it with sudo (or as a user with root privileges) and click "OK" on the error window.