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Version: 2.6.0 (latest)

Regions of interest (ROI)

ROI (Region of Interest) is an area marked over the video stream. When people enter this marked area, OMNI Agent detects and tracks their silhouettes. Detection and tracking results will be automatically sent to OMNI Platform or a third-party service as processes and events.

To create ROI, mark at least 3 points on the video stream. Empty ROI is highlighted in white on the camera preview. When a person gets into ROI, the color changes to turquoise.

How to add ROI

  1. Click on the gear sign in the camera bar. Then click + in the upper right corner of the opened tab.


  2. Fill in the ROI name, select a "Region*" type and mark the region of interest on the camera preview. After filling, click "Save".


  3. Return to the main page of the dashboard. Now the marked area is displayed on the camera preview.


ROI configuration

Also, you can add ROI or change ROI settings in the run_params.json configuration file by editing the following fields of the mutlistream_ROI object:

  • force_track_termination_on_lost_event: If the field is disabled, a person's track continues, even if the person leaves the camera's field of view for some time (For example, if there are obstacles in the camera's field of view).

  • regions: array of objects (regions of interest)

An example of an object in the regions array:

"regions": [
{ // object (ROI)
"name": "_region_name_", // ROI name
"points": [ // coordinates of ROI bounding points
"x": 0,
"y": 0.975 // in relative frame coordinates
"x": 1,
"y": 0.975
"x": 0.5,
"y": 0.5
"uuid": "6acb27c7-c967-46ed-a32f-0085c0454c4c" // ROI uuid. Added automatically if absent.